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Sara didn’t jump on the green bandwagon last year.  She was born onto it.  And she understands healthy and natural living in a way few of us do.  It’s Sara’s mission to impart that knowledge and decades of healthy living experience to people all over the world.  Dig in with “green living’s real deal.”

Sara's Refreshed Videos

A new healthy, simple and quick reFRESHed recipe served up weekly, allowing you time to marinate, percolate, and plan for your week ahead.


We’re helping you green your life top to bottom, inside to out.  It’s all covered here.  And if it isn’t yet, it soon will be.  So check back often.


Entrees, snacks, and sweet treats are always a little healthier, tastier, and simpler for your busy life when they come from Sara’s family recipe box.

Sit Happens

Real life parenting advice and musings from this mom, who resists the temptation to constantly sprint and embraces the notion that sit happens.

Sara engages audiences with her message of healthy, sustainable living and greener business practices.

Spend some one-on-one time with Sara as she helps you or your biz on a path to better health and eco-loveliness.

Sara markets to moms and lends her expertise and name to brands as they launch products she believes in.

come back often for more tips, videos and recipes