About Sara

Sara didn’t just jump on the green bandwagon last year. She understands healthy and natural living in a way few of us do, and it’s Sara’s mission to help impart that knowledge and experience to people all over the world so they too can live a greener lifestyle. Learn how Sara’s family and upbringing shaped her and how that experience earned her the title of “green living’s real deal.”

The Sara Snow Timeline

Where did she come from?  How did she get where she’s gotten?
Eden Foods opens as a food coop in a second floor apartment in Ann Arbor Michigan. By 1971 it was a growing regional distributor of Natural Foods. Tim Redmond, co-founder of Eden, and his soon to be wife, Pattie, were two of the visionary pioneers helping to create what would become known as the natural foods movement. This would prove to be one of the most defining factors in Sara’s life.
July 20, 1976
Sara Carinne Redmond is born to Tim and Pattie Redmond. In a hospital? No. In a car on the way to the hospital? Not even. It was a home birth, into the peace and comfort of a bed in her parent’s macrobiotic, natural home.
Sara and her older brother, Nate, are immersed early into the world of foodies. From this point on, their successes, failures and daily moods will be determined by what they’ve had for breakfast.
Summer 1978
The Redmond family begins work on their new “eco” home in the country outside of Ann Arbor Michigan. It employs solar energy to heat the house and blends pretty seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Sara and Nate, unfamiliar with the world of western medicine, would pound rocks with hammers to create a fine powder, a process they called “making medicine.”
Summer 1981
Sara’s mom takes her to a theatrical production of Helen Keller. Through the sweltering heat of the un-air conditioned theater, Sara’s fire is lit. She is bitten by the acting bug and will spend the next 15 years of her life pursuing roles on the stage. It remains one of her greatest loves today.
Somewhere in the ’80’s
While other kids romp in technicolor leg warmers and neon hair streaks, Sara turns the compost pile, weeds the organic vegetable gardens and lives according to the Redmond way of life – acutely aware of the fact that they are a part of something great. Her dad is on a mission to save the world through creating healthy food options and Sara is ready to follow in his footsteps.
June 1994
Sara graduates from Dexter High School. She leaves wondering if she’ll be remembered throughout Dexter as “most likely to succeed” or the one who ate tofu and seaweed as a child.
June 1998
After four fun-filled years at Butler University, Sara graduates with degrees in theater performance and telecommunications. She believes she has perfectly positioned herself to be Katie Couric’s replacement on00000012 the Today Show.  Little does she know that at some point her biggest dreams will be realized in an entirely different way.
After a brief stint as an associate producer in a newsroom, Sara begins working as a freelance commercial actress and video and television producer. She lands a job working as a producer on the ESPN series “SportsCentury” and earns her first of three Emmy awards.
Sara and her husband, Ryan, marry. They host a reception under a fairy-tale tent in her parent’s backyard with trees and flowers as much a part of the decoration as the candles on the tables.
Shortly after Sara begins her career as a TV news reporter and anchor at WXIN in Indianapolis. She’ll spend the next few years as a features field reporter, fill-in news and sports anchor and morning weather anchor. She leaves exhausted and ready to preach the benefits of living simply and naturally.
Sara creates the concept for a lifestyle TV series about the things she learned growing up – eating organics, embracing local, composting, recycling, natural cleaning and more. She inks a deal with Discovery Networks and together they begin down a path that will result in the launch of “Living Fresh” early the following year. Shortly after Sara is credited by Utne Magazine with putting the first TV series about natural living on the air.
Summer 2006
Sara begins work on “Get Fresh with Sara Snow” – the hipper, cooler version of baby sister “Living Fresh.” For it Sara travels the country and beyond in search of products and services that make natural and green living easier and more accessible for the everyday citizen. And she seeks out families and individuals who need a little help on their way to getting and living fresh.
January 2007
“Get Fresh with Sara Snow” premiers on Discovery Health. Sara becomes an in-demand speaker at conferences and events across the country, extolling advice on ways to live a greener life.
Sara becomes a member of the Board of Directors for the Organic Center; a powerful non-profit organization at the forefront of the organic movement, driven to generate credible scientific information and educate consumers on the benefits of organic farming and products.  She also steps into a role on the advisory board for the first ever 24-hr green television network, Discovery’s Planet Green.
Sara begins hosting a regular segment for CNN.com called Living Green.
With much anticipation Sara’s first book, Sara Snow’s Fresh Living; The Essential Room-by-Room Guide to a Greener, Healthier Family and Home, (Bantam Publishing) hits shelves in time for Earth Day 2009. It was immediately called “A fabulous book. Practical, affirming and fresh” and “A must read for every family searching for a greener footprint.”
Sara co-hosts “Big Green Lies” for the Fine Living Channel, investigating common misconceptions within the world of green and natural living.
In June 2010 Sara stepped into her biggest role yet, that of mom to her daughter Silvia.
Despite the midnight feedings and an immense amount of love and energy pouring out of her, Sara continued to serve as spokesperson for many large brands (Reynolds, Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, Softlips, Physician’s Formula, to name only a few) as they launched natural lines and began their forays into the world of natural products.
Sara and Ryan move to Los Angeles and, soon after, wetakenbystorm-0327lcome baby girl #2, Isla, into the family.  Sara finds that her hands and heart are suddenly more full than ever before.  And, like so many women today, Sara is juggling multiple hats – that of mom, author, educator, teacher, speaker and more – but she finds countless ways to inspire and teach individuals, businesses and organizations about simple and effective ways to live with wellness and environmental health at heart.
Just in time for holiday shoppers, Sara and her sister,blh_side Elizabeth, launch hide & cheek, a line of intimates that uses smart fibers containing ingredients like zinc oxide and seaweed to nourish and protect the skin in so many essential ways.
Sara has found a way to harness all of her life’s influences into one pair of panties – a close knit family, her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, her media roles, and her passion for natural living.  They tagline it: skincare you wear.

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