I’m thrilled to be collaborating with my friend Elizabeth Wasserman, founder and CEO of True Goods, on a curated collection of some of my absolute favorite things, just in time for the holidays! These bundles are the perfect gift for any woman in your life, as I’ve handpicked and personally tested every single item myself.

But if you’re not holiday shopping just yet, don’t let that stop you!  My mom has always figured that the best way to kickoff her Christmas shopping is with a little something for herself (she doesn’t do it any other time of the year so I’m glad for this tradition).  These items are a brilliant way to treat yourself to some health and beauty before the busy season.

Limited quantities, limited time ~ so hurry!

Shop the bundles here!

True Goods is a socially conscious and mission driven company that believes we all have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes. We understand that with so many obstacles – long lists of ingredients, growing rates of corporate greenwashing, complex and conflicting information – smart shopping has become near impossible…until now.

Shopping should be fun, not frightening! With True Goods, your worrying days are over because we’ve done the research and asked all the tough questions for you.

We offer a consciously curated selection of household goods and personal care products that have been rigorously investigated and held to our unparalleled safety standards. And – the icing on the cake – we also feature assessments, articles, and useful resources to help you become a more efficient and informed consumer. Let True Goods help you make simple choices for healthier, safer, cleaner living.