Welcome to my newest baby!  My sister and I have been long at work on a first-of-its-kind line of intimates using a special material that is actually good for your skin.

In fact, these cheeky buggers are made using zinc oxide, which can fight bacteria, fungus & odor, as well as regenerate & protect your skin, all while you wear them.  I thought you’d love that!

My favorites are the high-waisted thongs, but the lower riding ones are fabulous too.  And if you’re a mommy or know someone ablow_sideout to become a mommy, you’ll swoon for the lovies and blankets.

Here’s something else I think you’ll love!

Hide & Cheek is a one-for-one business.  With every item you buy, you are helping to send clean under garments to a woman in need, right here in the US.

Our mama always told us to wear cleanlovie_big underwear when traveling.  We figure that these women are travelers in the best sense; they’re moving on up, if you will.  And we want to help make sure they have clean underwear for their trip.  For every Hide & Cheek item you buy, a Hide & Cheek item is contributed to a Hide & Cheek Undie Pack.  Once we fill one up, we ship it off to a women’s shelter right here in the US.  The Hide & Cheek Undie Packs contain the most fundamental undergarments, using the same innovative skin-nourishing fiber as the ones you’re wearing.

From them to us to you, Thank you!

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the line today!