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$29.95 Multi-Strand Bracelet

The Leakey Story:

Founded in 2002, Katy and Philip Leakey are the owners and pioneers of the natural, African-made, sustainable jewelry and elegant, handcrafted products called The Leakey Collection. Both Katy & Philip are impassioned individuals with a strong conviction to connect communities worldwide and to nurture our planet with sustainable practices. Their love for nature combined with their talents in interior design and arts gave birth to a collection of high end fashion jewelry, a new skin care line, and home interior accessories in pure natural elegance!

Based in the Rift Valley of Kenya, East Africa, these renowned designers used natural elements of fallen wood, sustainable grass and “bush fired” porcelain to create uniquely exotic products. Each colorful piece contains vibrant design appeal while giving back to those that produce it.

The Leakey Collection protects the environment while giving economic opportunity to local communities in Kenya. Its natural elegance distinguishes this high end product line as one of the world’s premier offerings.

Sold in stores worldwide, The Leakey Collection is also a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America.

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