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Sara Snow_by PolinaOsherov_5Sara Snow is widely regarded as the green lifestyle expert to go to for appearances, interviews, quotes and speaking engagements. Sara has been invited to speak at occasions across the globe, ranging from consumer events to corporate wellness affairs and industry annual meetings. In addition to her messages on green and eco-conscious practices for individuals and businesses, Sara speaks mom-to-mom on topics geared towards families looking to green their homes and create healthier family meals.

Media and Affiliations

Major Media Interviews/Features:

  • Good Morning America
  • CNN
  • Fox News Channel
  • The New York Times
  • The Chicago Tribunespeaking
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Woman’s Day
  • many others

Affiliations and Present Positions:

  • TV Host and Media Expert ContributorSara Speaking (v3) at Organic Center VIP Dinner March 2010
  • Green and Natural Living Expert
  • Certified Health Specialist (C.H.S)
  • Host of Living Fresh and Get Fresh with Sara Snow [Discovery Networks]
  • Host of Big Green Lies [Fine Living Channel]
  • Author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living [Bantam Publishing]
  • Board of Directors The Organic Center, Washington DC
  • Advisory Board Member The Center for Urban Ecology, Butler University
  • Founder and President Sara Snow, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

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Lecture Topics

Sara Snow has lectured extensively to corporate audiences, women’s groups, and consumer events for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge and experience allow her to tailor a lecture or workshop for your audience with compelling statistics, actionable items and recipe or tip card take-aways

SEVEN ROOMS TO A HEALTHIER HOME Based on Sara’s book called “practical, affirming and fresh” and “a must read for every family seeking a greener footprint” this talk focuses on the simple steps each person can take to live a happier life in a healthier home.

  • The KITCHEN – conserve water, manage disposables, shop for food, and understand labels
  • The LIVING ROOM – decorate responsibly and clean inside air using effective living plants
  • The BEDROOM / BATHROOM – avoid toxic ingredients, conserve water, shop for greener textiles
  • The LAUNDRY – save energy and clean using kitchen staples rather than toxic cleaning products
  • The NURSERY – eliminate air-borne toxins and solutions to the disposable diaper debate
  • The HOME OFFICE – cut mail waste and travel greener
  • The YARD / GARAGE – greener yard care, compost how-to, and create a more efficient vehicle

THE BIG THREE A more concise version of “Seven Rooms to a Healthier Home” this talk focuses on three essential tips for each of the three most crucial rooms to create a greener, healthier family and home.

  •     3 Essential Steps in the KITCHEN
  •     3 Essential Steps in the LAUNDRY
  •     3 Essential Steps in the BEDROOM

THE FIVE STEPS TO A HEALTHIER TABLE **cooking demonstration available We need food, but when we eat the ones we are often surrounded by – nutrient-void, chemically laden – they poison rather than protect.  The alternative is fresh, real and simple.  This talk outlines the five key steps.

  • Step 1. Shopping For Your Food – when organic matters most, fair trade foods, and local foods
  • Step 2. When the When Matters – how nutrients diminish over time and how to ensure freshness in your foods
  • Step 3. Food Preparation – how you cut a vegetable is as important as how you cook it
  • Step 4. Eating a Rainbow – variety not only makes things interesting it is the very key to health
  • Step 5. Food Pairing – indigestion and bloating can be avoided with food-pairing know how

AN ATTAINABLE, SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS IN THREE EASY STEPS More than half of all Americans (ie: your customers) believe that economic and environmental goals are aligned, but confusing and misleading environmental claims are still being made and the consumer is no longer being fooled.

  • Step 1. Speaking to the ‘Information Omnivores’ with transparency and authenticity
  • Step 2. Engaging your friends, followers and customers as your personal megaphone
  • Step 3. Greening the Office for cost savings and employee morale

SIT HAPPENS AND 5 WAYS TO DEAL **from a faith-based or secular perspective When children come later rather than sooner, on the heels of a career, active social life and more, the slow-down can feel abrupt and lonely. This mom-to-mom talk is about surviving and thriving in this new phase.

  • Close Your Eyes – Meditation and your brain activity, energy level and happiness
  • Embrace Interruptions – Up your productivity by ditching the to-do list and embracing the day’s interruptions
  • Live and Let Cry – It releases cortisol, relieves stress, detoxifies and heals..and it’s good for the kids to see, too
  • Stop With the No – We’ve been taught to say no to preserve our sanity but right now the opposite yields results
  • Surrender – Carve your niche and stay relevant while surrendering to the changes at hand


Sara has a style of presenting that is authentic, honest and easy to digest. Her upbringing and passion for green living are brilliantly weaved throughout her demonstrations leaving her audience clamoring for more. You can’t help but to fall in love with Sara and everything she’s about. We’ve received more views on her Fresh Pesto cooking demo on YouTube than any other video we’ve produced – which is a testament to how well she can connect with an audience in a manner that is friendly, welcoming and a lot of fun!           

Darlene Fiske; PR for Lake Austin Spa Resort

I was in charge of the 29th Annual Christamore House Guild Book and Author event in Indianapolis, Indiana where Sara Snow was one of our featured speakers. Sara glows with her good health and beauty. Our audience was captivated by what she had to say. Sara shared her story of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in a family committed to natural living and health. She gave tips from her then newly published book Sara Snow’s Fresh Living. She inspired the audience on how to live a healthy/organic lifestyle. Sara is a gifted speaker. She has a depth of knowledge and a passion for the subject of Green Living.           

Annette Davis; Chair Christamore House Guild 29th Annual Book & Author Event

Sara Snow was a perfect fit for Knoxville’s Dogwood House and Garden Show. Her topic, “Small Steps to Save a Big Planet,” provided our audience with easy tips on how to incorporate green practices into their everyday lives. Sara makes “going green” a fun practice for the entire family.  Unlike other speakers who have recently jumped on the green bandwagon, she is a true expert in her field; it has been her way of life since birth.          

Lori Calvert; The University of Tennessee Women’s Council

Sara’s cooking classes were the perfect blend of creatively wonderful food and heartfelt enthusiasm. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed her style and presentation. We can’t wait for her to return!           

Robbie Hudson; Director of Programming, Lake Austin Spa Resort

Sara Snow is head-and-shoulders above any other emcee or speaker with whom I’ve worked, for she walks on stage, commands immediate attention and changes the atmosphere. At first blush the audience may be captivated by her presence, confidence and radiant good looks, but she is as beautiful and substantive on the inside as the outside. Sara has a wealth of knowledge and experience in green living–from healthful recipe makeovers, to organic food and farming, to better-for-you household and beauty care products, to green building products, to raising healthy children. If you are seeking a visionary speaker to relate to your audience and deliver the message with energy, passion and authenticity, then ask for Sara. She played a pivotal role in turning The Organic Center’s annual VIP dinner programs into must-attend, sell-out events, year after year.           

Joan Boykin; Executive Director and VIP Dinner Director the Organic Center

I have worked with many talented television personalities and subject-matter experts over my last 15 years in media, and Sara stands at the top of my list. Her knowledge about natural living is unrivaled, as she has been completely immersed in this world all of her life. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with the masses and her relatable message-delivery style sets her apart from the many speaker/presenters who simply fail to connect with their audience due to a lack of enthusiasm or the dreaded elitist, SME attitude. Sara effectively engages her audience, addressing them in an incredibly approachable manner, enabling her to quickly build a high level of trust. She speaks from the position of a guide, there to inform and encourage those in her audience to take small steps on the path toward a realizable goal. To put it simply, Sara brings her A-game to every presentation, connecting with the audience both on stage and off, as she enthusiastically imparts knowledge, answers questions, and poses for fan pictures in a manner to which people positively respond.           

Kellie Welborn; Special Events Producer, Discovery Networks

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