Fall means back to school, changing leaves, and apple picking. Trips to your local orchard will not only be educational for your little ones, it can be welcome family bonding activity. When searching for those perfect apples for a pie or just a great snack, consider these tips.

Organic vs. Local

The debate between local and organic is never ending. The truth is that both provide benefits in different places. Choose an apple that is either local or organic and if you are able to find one that is both, more power to you!  Of course, a local apple means you are able to benefit from a trip to the orchard where it was grown.

How to Choose

Look for apples with tight, unblemished skin in the brightest color. Whether it be green, yellow, or red, find the color that is most vibrant.

Best for Baking

Cameo, Cortland, Gala, McIntosh, and Winesap are the best for baking.

Best for Applesauce

Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Winesap, McIntosh, Yellow Delicious, and Mutsu are best for applesauce. For even better flavor use a mixture of these sweet apples.

How to Store

Apples will last 2-3 weeks in the vegetable drawer of your fridge.