Packing a lunchbox can be an extremely daunting task. You want it to taste good, be healthy, and most importantly be enjoyed! Providing a healthy lunch will keep children focused and full so they can pay attention to school and not the grumbling in their stomach.

Quick Tip

To make mornings easier, try using a magnetic dry-erase board for the fridge. Write down what lunches will be prepared each day, and make sure you have all ingredients before the week begins. Also, let your kids be involved! This will teach them the power of healthy eating and empower them to make good decisions later in life.

What’s On the Menu

Remember that simplicity is key… sending your third grader with a boiling hot thermos of soup just sounds like a recipe for disaster. But, using leftovers that can be eaten cold or at room temperature will save you time and money! Picking items from each food group will provide you with a balanced and tasty lunch. Look for ingredients that are in season whenever possible!

Leftovers That Pack Like Pros