You always know it’s summer when after a long weekend your neighborhood grocery is filled with families sporting red faces and shoulders. To soothe uncomfortable burns and promote healing follow these tips and restore health naturally.

Aloe Vera

Best straight from the plant itself, Aloe Vera is a great topical treatment for sunburn. It soothes painful stinging and encourages skin repair upon use.  No natural home is complete without a plant growing in it.  Simply break off a stem and apply the gel to your skin.


Keeping the sunburn cool and hydrated is the best way to slow inevitable peeling. Place cool, wet towels on affected areas for ten to fifteen minutes at a time to support hydration.


The calendula flower is a great extract for soothing skin and skin inflammation. Look for certified organic or biodynamic products containing calendula. Weleda USA carries calendula-based products perfect for soothing burns.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil is wonderful for healing burns and many other skin irritations. To use, dilute the oil in olive oil, jojoba oil, or another skin oil.

Remember to never use pure essential oils directly on skin without proper dilution.