There is not only one way to lose weight and it doesn’t matter how many times you have tried. This time you will be successful because you have changed your intentions, practiced intuitive eating, and now know the powers of positive emotion.

Plan Ahead

 The key to being a success story is knowing how to control your situations. Don’t  get to the point of feeling famished, ask for a to-go box at the start of your meal, and know where to access healthy food. Planning ahead makes eating healthy easier.

Eat with Joy

I don’t care what it is that you are eating but really taste each bite and eat with joy. Stop before it isn’t good anymore. You know how those first few bites are the best? Remember that as you continue to eat. When you eat beyond satiation, does it feel good? Does it bring you joy? Ask yourself these questions as you enjoy each meal.

Eat Real Food

 Eat things that go bad. Eat foods that will rot and spoil if you don’t give them attention. What foods do that? Fruit, vegetables, real homemade bread, organic dairy and more. Pay attention to the colors that fill your plate. Are they vibrant and full of positive energy? This does not have to be expensive. Look for produce that is in season or frozen produce packed without additives.

Get Up.

Move around. Play like you did as a child. Remember how it felt to come inside from a cold winter’s day of sledding with flushed cheeks and fresh energy pulsing through your veins? Channel that inner child and find something that brings you as much joy. There are no rules when it comes to exercise. Just do what makes you happy.

It all seems so simple right? You may be questioning how it will work when all the hard stuff hasn’t for so long. But does struggling make you feel good? Isn’t the point of weight loss to make you happier? Start by working on the happy part and watch as your body follows suit. Trust. Trust. Trust. Your body is an amazing, intelligent, beautiful thing… It knows how to respond to your energy.