Once you have learned to shift your thoughts downstream it is easy to appreciate all the wonderful things your body is able to accomplish in a day.

Your body is just like a small universe. Every day millions of chemical reactions, electrical signals, and microscopic movements keep you alive.

And to think you sit there with a negative attitude against the way it looks?!

Sit back and take a look at this beautiful machine you have the audacity to condemn. Be kind to your body. Be thankful for its powers.

Do you get upset when you have a headache after writing an email? Think instead about what that headache is telling you… It is saying “I have had enough”. And yet you continue to write and agonize over your pain. What happens to you in the end? You stop writing and you feel just fine.

Realize the power in this! If you run your computer beyond its limit it stops working. Your body will take a lot before it goes that far.

Take time to understand the power of what you already have. Big or small your physical body does not determine who you really are. Instead, it is giving you a message. It is saying, “I am great and healthy, continue on this path” or “I am expanding because what you are doing is leaving me no other choice”. The alternative is also true. If you are not adequately supplying your body with energy it will tell you!

This week focus on appreciating. Take the emphasis off what should and shouldn’t be done. Get your mind and physical body ready for its transformation by fueling it with love.

Exercise 2:

Do something that makes you feel really good. Choose something that requires active participation from your body.  Take a walk, ride a bike, do a few sun salutations or simply sit quietly and meditate.  As you are performing this activity focus on what the body is allowing you to do. Remember that the mind and body are not separate. Pay attention to your thoughts and the way you feel when you are being kind.

If it calls to you, journal your experience and see this new life unfold. And of course, do everything in peace because this is about feeling good… nothing is required. This is about You.