Knowing and understanding the power of our chakras gives us the ability to heal. Here’s how to make healing a daily practice in your life. How do I use these chakras to live a healthy, abundant life!


Meditating on these chakras is a very powerful tool for letting go of accumulated blocked energy. Maybe you are dealing with low self-confidence and self-esteem. Try focusing your attention on the abdomen during your mediation and see that space filling with a bright, beautiful light. Make it a practice to find an area that needs some attention in your life and go back to these descriptions to find where to direct your meditation practice.

Practice Yoga.

Yoga is another powerful tool for using the chakras. Hip opening poses like pigeon are incredible for getting in touch with some emotional issues we may have related to money, survival, and our need for material things to fill a void. Heart openers like bridge pose are another essential part of a balanced practice. If your studio takes requests, ask for a pose that opens a chakra you are working on.


Journaling is powerful tool that may help to bring up the issues that are normally ignored. When we ignore issues and problems that are troubling us, there is never a resolution. Years of unwanted baggage build up to create blocks in every area of our lives. Start a practice of journaling for a set amount of time during the day. You may find it helpful to set a timer for five minutes. During this time write as quickly as possible. Make it a point not to think too much. Just begin to write down whatever is on your mind. After a few weeks of making this a daily practice you will begin to notice patterns in your daily thoughts. Review what you have written and see if there are thoughts and experiences that are no longer serving you. This is a great exercise in letting go of unnecessary baggage.