With Halloween right around the corner we’ve gotten quite a few questions about the best way to enjoy a healthy, green halloween. Click the picture to read a few of Sara’s tips for making this holiday a success!

Think Outside the Box

Unfortunately homemade treats are no longer “allowed” for trick or treaters but there are still ways to think outside of the conventional candy box.  Go for food-less treats like stickers, pencils or coins.  Or pick healthier treats like raisins, granola bars or fair trade, organic chocolates.  I see people come to my house who would do a whole lot better if they got a bag full of granola bars rather than sugary candy.

Enjoy, Within Moderation
Though I might feel one way about food and treats, it doesn’t keep me from allowing Silvia to enjoy the festivities a little.  This year she will still walk door to door to a FEW houses and collect treats in a bag, and I’ll probably let her even nibble on a piece or two, but I’ll dispose of the rest before she even has a chance to realize what she’s missing.  None of us need to eat that much sugar.  In fact, there’s a great new video out there talking about the effects of sugar on our bodies.  http://www.therealbears.org/

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Caucasian kids and 1 in 2 minority kids are expected to be insulin dependent by the time they reach adulthood, and right now cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in American children under the age of 15.  It’s time we start taking getting healthy (by doing things like weeding out sugars) seriously.

Love Thy Neighbor
I’ve said before that I think one of the best lessons we can learn as advocates of green living is that soapboxing and alienating our neighbors will do nothing to accomplish our goal.  It’s best to play the game and enjoy the festivities when the moment calls for it, but do so in moderation.  And at the same time, find small ways to make a difference and encourage others.