Your fifth challenge as part of the 2-week long challenge to Get Fresh – GET NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL! Click the pic to learn more!

Challenge: Simply use less products everyday! You’ll reduce your risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals that find their way into beauty products everywhere. Get a reusable bag and go through your medicine cabinet. That eye shadow you purchased on sale that you never wear? Put it in the bag. Go through the rest of your products and try to get down to the bare minimum. Face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, mascara, and lip balm are my essentials. After a week of keeping extra products in the bag you’ll see how little you really need. Hey! A fresh faced, au naturale you is always more beautiful!

Fresh Tip: Natural does not mean safe. The beauty industry has yet to develop standards for taglines like “natural” and “organic”. To be certain your exposure to harmful chemicals is limited just scale back on all those products in your medicine cabinet.

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