Your third challenge as part of the 2-week long challenge to Get Fresh – GET MORE SLEEP! Click the pic to learn more!

Challenge: Get to bed 30 minutes earlier. Research shows that even mild sleep deprivation can lead to cravings, stress, and altered cognitive awareness. Your goal? 6-8 hours every night! That means being mindful of your daily routine. Be aware of your schedule and plan for a full eight hours; each day may be different but getting into a routine just takes a little practice. For those of us that don’t fall into a dreamy sleep as soon as our head hits the pillow allow an extra thirty minutes to unwind.

Fresh Tip: Start a bedtime routine. A bubble bath, aromatherapy, meditation, or a calm CD can foster peaceful sleep. Stimulants like email, television, or a phone call would be better saved for the afternoon.

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