Making your fridge work for you is the best way to making healthy eating habits last for life. Here’s a great article on how to freshen up for the New Year.

It’s so easy to go to the store week after week and pick the same foods without much thought. Instead of opting for the same ‘ol thing consider focusing on which nutrients may be lacking in your current diet. An easy way to do this is by keeping a food diary for a few days and noticing any patterns. Always have cheese and crackers in the afternoon? How about trying cheese and celery instead to get more greens? These simple changes can add up to make a huge difference!

You’ve kept track of your intake and you’ve been to the store and stocked up on your new and improved foods, now what? The best way to ensure that those fresh, nutritious foods are actually consumed is to reorganize your refrigerator! Follow these simple steps to make sure that your fridge is armed and ready when hunger strikes.

1. Keep the good stuff at eye-level.

Make sure that the healthiest items are the first thing you see when that door opens. You want to have nutritious foods be appealing! Store fruits, vegetables, and unseasoned whole grains in clear containers so they are your go-to items. Even better, get a beautiful bowl to store grab-and-go fruits in for easy and enjoyable snacking.

2. Lose sight of not-so-healthy items.

Those leftovers from your “splurge night out” of pizza and breadsticks would do much better if they were stored in a plain, opaque container out of eyesight. You can still plan to incorporate less nutrient dense items into your meal repertoire but the key is to plan and not make them snack items. Pairing pizza (and other similar) leftovers with a big salad is a great way to avoid wasting food. The goal is to cut back on mindless eating.

3. Make fruits, veggies, and whole grains accessible.

Take some time early in the week to prepare fruits, vegetables, and grains like rice and quinoa so that they are easy to use at a moment’s notice. It’s hard when hunger strikes to think about taking time to prepare healthy food. A great way to incorporate more whole grains is to have brown rice and quinoa cooked and stored in glass containers for easy mealtime prep. Make fruits and vegetables easy to use by washing, chopping, and storing in glass containers as well.

Making your fridge work for you is the best way to making healthy eating habits last for life. Be sure to regularly purge outdated items, clean, and organize your shelves so that eating great becomes second nature!