Consulting & Personal Coaching

consulting 4For years Sara has coached individuals, families, business leaders, entrepreneurs and others through her numerous public and semi-private platforms.  Now she is offering one-on-one private coaching and consulting to anyone; over the phone, video call, email or in person.

Coaching and Consultation Topics

(topics covered may include but are not limited to the following)

Family and Individual

Creating a healthy home for your family

Greening your cleaning

Kitchen pantry detoxconsulting 3

Navigating the grocery store and markets for the healthiest foods (budget conscious as well)

Understanding labels

Recipe and menu planning

Baby and Mama

Creating a healthy nursery for your new baby

Best practices to be a natural mamatakenbystorm-0169 copy

Having a healthy, natural pregnancy

Living fresh in baby’s first year – nursing, skin care, diapers, baby’s first foods, etc.

Baby’s first foods


Marketing to moms

Sustainable business practices

Presenting as an eco, sustainable or green company

Coaching and Consultation Packages

1 hour minimum by phone or video call, 2 hour minimum in-person (travel expenses may be additional)

To schedule a consultation by phone or video call contact