4 filets of a sustainably fished or farmed white fish – Pacific cod (long line caught) is a great choice. US farmed Tilapia is often a good choice as well.
4 tablespoons salsa verde (green salsa)
4 tablespoons goat cheese – soft and spreadable (or queso fresco)
4 teaspoons hot sauce
2 organic firm tomatoes – sliced thinly


Prepare a broiler pan with foil (optional) and a light layer of olive oil.
Arrange fish across the pan.
Top each filet with a thin layer of salsa. Spread the goat cheese on top, dropping in globs if it doesn’t spread well. Top that with tomato slices and drizzle hot sauce across the top.
Broil until fish is cooked thoroughly and cheese and tomatoes start to brown.
Serve with brown rice, risotto or polenta, and a salad of mixed greens, lightly dressed.