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Do-Good Undies

    Welcome to my newest baby!  My sister and I have been long at work on a first-of-its-kind line of intimates using a special material that is actually good for your skin. In fact, these cheeky buggers are made using zinc…

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Natural Sunburn Remedies

You always know it's summer when after a long weekend your neighborhood grocery is filled with families sporting red faces and shoulders. To soothe uncomfortable burns and promote healing follow these tips and restore health naturally. Aloe…

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Nutrition for Your Hair

You've got the lather, rinse, and repeat down, but do you know what it takes nutritionally to have remarkable hair? These 5 foods will take your hair from fine to fabulous in no time. Salmon Salmon is known for its high amounts of healthy…

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Herbs for my Oily Skin?!

As eco-conscious women, it can be hard to solve the oily skin issue without opting for harsh chemical-laden products. But we've found the recipe that does it! And who knew the answer was right in your pantry?! Oily skin happens when your…

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5 Simple Ways to Get Organized!

Aaaah, an organized life.  We all want it.  Few of us have it. Here are a few quick tips for making organizing easy! Start in the Kitchen With most families spending the majority of their time in the kitchen, start here for maximum…

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How to Wash your Cashmere

Follow our tips for washing your cashmere with care and making it last! A true cashmere sweater can be one of the best essentials in your eco-fabulous wardrobe. This luxurious fabric comes from combing out the under-hairs of Kashmir goats that…

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Spend Local…and Save Local

I recently teamed up with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to help them launch their Go Local initiative and encourage consumers to join the "Go Local" movement by choosing to bank locally with a community bank. By banking with a…

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Your Essential Oil Guide: How to Use Them

Essential oils are powerful, aromatic liquids that have been extracted from plants through a variety of methods. Once extracted, these oils are the "essence" of the plants and can play a key role in human health and well-being. Research shows that…

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The Beauty Insider: Buy This, Not That

When you are self-diagnosing your skin care needs while going down the aisles of Target or CVS, how do you know which products work and which ones are a bust? It's tough to separate marketing hype from fact. Wouldn't it be great to have a shopping…

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Beauty That’s Organic…..Truly

Did you know that asbestos is natural? Petroleum is natural too. My point? Anything can be deemed natural. As some experts like to say, it's an unregulated term. And with beauty products that's especially scary, since our skin absorbs 64% of what's…

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Green Your Beauty Routine!

Beauty products have become every girl's dream and worst nightmare. With entire aisles designated to every beauty dilemma there is a plethora of products...with countless hidden chemicals.... at your disposal. Just like advocates like author Michael…

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