Aaaah, an organized life.  We all want it.  Few of us have it.

Here are a few quick tips for making organizing easy!

Start in the Kitchen

With most families spending the majority of their time in the kitchen, start here for maximum benefit. Make your grains, spices, and snacks match by storing them in easy-to-spot BPA-free glass containers. The esthetic and ease of use will quickly brighten your pantry.

Want to do it on a budget?  Shop thrift store and re-sale shops and stock up on old glass jars and other (preferably see-through) containers.

Unify the Office

With papers, bills, and to-do lists piling up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your home office. Simplify your home office by organizing papers and files into sleek, solid color boxes with clearly marked labels. The clean design will add “structure” to the space while providing useful storage.

Organize your Drawers

Every house has a junk drawer. Make sure every drawer isn’t a junk drawer by using easy to install moveable drawer organizers. Because they aren’t fixed, it’s easy to add or remove items while keeping things spotless.

Have a “Throw Bowl”

At your local thrift store, find a cute bowl for the kitchen counter or entryway. Make this the place you throw your mail, car keys, phone, etc. when you walk through the door. There will be no more cluttered counter space when everything is in one area and you’ll always know where to find your keys when you’re late for your morning meeting.

Think “Double Duty”

Choose products for your home that work double duty. Find beds and sofas with storage options beneath the cushions or bed frame. Another great option are ottomans with removable lids for storage.